blackx acquires catalog of award-winning Asian hits by renowned Taiwanese songwriter Frances Wang, Zhong Yan

Catalog comprises publishing rights to over 230 songs, including iconic Asian hits by artists such as Faye Wong, A-Mei, Jeff Zhang Xin Zhe, Oaeen, Eason Chan, Wan Fang and Tiger Huang Xiao Hu

SINGAPORE – 4 May 2023 – blackx, one of Asia’s pioneers in music-related investments, has acquired a catalog comprising publishing rights to over 230 songs by renowned songwriter Frances Wang, Zhong Yan 王中言. During her illustrious career spanning 30 years, Frances has created a catalog of award winning hits performed by top Asian artists such as:

• Wakin Chao – 周华健 Ni Shuo De Dui 你说的对
• Mavis Fan Xiao Xuan – 范晓萱 Hao Xiang Tan Lian Ai 好想谈恋爱
• Tiger Huang Xiao Hu – 黄小琥 Bu Zhi Shi Peng You 不只是朋友
• Rene Liu 刘若英 – Da Le Yi Ba Yin Shi Gei Ni 打了一把钥匙给你
• Oaeen 鱼丁糸 – Xin Qing Dian Ti 心情电梯
• William So 苏永康 – Nan Ren Bu Gai Rang Nu Ren Liu Lei 男人不该
• Wan Fang 万芳 – Ye Zhao Liang Le Ye 夜照亮了夜
• Faye Wong 王菲 – Juan Lian 眷恋
• Sky Wu Si Kai 伍思凯 – Ji Mo Gong Lu 寂寞公路
• Zhang Hui Mei (A-Mei) 张惠妹 – Bu Xiang Ge Da Ren 不像个大人
• Jeff Zhang Xin Zhe 张信哲 – Bu Yao Dui Ta Shuo 不要对她说
• Zhou Chuan Xiong (Xiao Gang) 周传雄 – Nuan Feng 暖风

An influential figure in the Chinese music industry, Taiwan-based Frances is highly sought after for her signature blend of poetic prose that showcases complex emotions. Her creations are characterized by a profound yet delicate lyrical style.

On her collaboration with blackx, Frances said: “It’s extremely fulfilling to be able to partner blackx on their strategy to enable both artists and investors to participate equitably and efficiently in the economy of Asian music. blackx’s creator-first approach to acquiring, creating and distributing IP and amplifying content is both appealing and exciting to artists and content creators alike. I look forward to scaling our collaboration to even greater heights in the future.

A multi-disciplinary creator, Frances has taken on artistic challenges that saw her becoming a film maker, music executive producer, as well as author. She is currently also working on a movie screenplay.

blackx’s President of Greater China, Garand Wu, said: “As a seasoned and well-loved music industry veteran, Frances’ lyrics carry depth and emotion that appeal across genres and ages. Her catalog will provide us with a huge amount of captive, ready content to work with in terms of how we can transform and amplify these into different formats and promote across platforms. At blackx, we will work with creators to expand and optimize the breadth of their assets across their properties and business segments, so that we can maximize the life and revenue potential of these musical assets.”

With this collaborative approach, creators can continue generating more valuable and compelling musical content, while blackx supports them in nurturing the value of their IP through the pursuit of creative and commercialization efforts such as artist and repertoire management, publishing, marketing and promotion.



Head of Business Operations

With over 20 years of international banking, financial markets, treasury and risk management experience across Asia Pacific and the Middle East, Hudson was most recently Head of Corporate and E-Solution Sales for Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. Hudson has operating expertise in foreign exchange and derivatives sales and electronic foreign exchange trading, serving corporate and investment banking, project and structured financing, as well as private equity and credit fund clients.

Catherine CHOW

Chief Financial Officer, Greater China
Catherine brings extensive experience in Finance, acquisitions, distribution and IP, having served as Finance Director of Twentieth Century Fox (Taiwan) where she managed distribution, acquisitions and collaborations for 22 years. She was also a compliance officer and business partner in TCF’s Taiwan management team, and represented the company in the Motion Picture Association as well as Taiwan’s anti-piracy / IP associations.


Head of Japan

With extensive expertise in Japan as well as the UK, Hiroki has established himself as one of the most respected artist managers as Co-Founder of Giant Artist Management, ESEA Music, and EarthPercent. Widely recognised for consistently developing and delivering critically acclaimed, innovative, and globally successful artists in the last 15 years, the veteran music executive has worked with some of Japan’s biggest artists such as Fujii Kaze and Daiki Tsuneta. Hiroki has been actively connecting Asian artists and the world and strives to improve Asian representation in the global music industry.

Tanya Chua

Producer / Singer-songwriter

Renowned as Asia’s award-winning music icon, Tanya Chua is the only artist ever to be awarded Taiwan’s Golden Melody Award a record-breaking 4 times, and her multiple wins at the 2022 GMAs for “Album Of The Year” and “Best Mandarin Album” for her “DEPART” album also mark a first in the Awards’ history.

Frances Wang, Zhong Yan


An influential figure in the Chinese music industry, Taiwan-based Frances is highly sought after for her signature blend of poetic prose that showcases complex emotions.

Chiou Chiou

Head of Acquisition, Greater China
Chiou is an industry veteran in Greater China with an unparalleled network of deep relationships, who brings a wealth of experience from her previous roles as Head of Greater China at ADA and VP of Content Development at KKBOX. At KKBOX, she has led on projects with renowned artists such as Eason Chan, MayDay, and ?te (pronounced Why-te) amongst many others. At blackx, both executives will work closely with Garand Wu, President of Greater China.

Garand Wu

President, Greater China

Garand is a renowned veteran musician and former Managing Director of Universal Music (China), the world’s largest record company where he was responsible for whole-of-China business. During his tenure, he significantly expanded the company’s presence throughout China and led major initiatives, including Universal Music (China) being the first international major music company to launch multi-label operations in China.

With over 25 years of experience in senior industry roles that span live entertainment, media and music across Asia, Garand has extensive and vast knowledge of strategic music marketing and label management in Asia, particularly in the Greater China region. A senior A&R executive producer who has built connections between the East and West as well as brought domestic artists into the global arena, Garand has personally signed artists such as Ouyang Nana, Guo Ding, and Tanya Chua.

Garand is also an experienced IP creator, with expertise in copyright development and digitisation. He has led the development of innovative revenue channels that have reshaped the industry landscape and accelerated the trend of artists’ monetising content through direct engagement with fans. Today, he is widely recognised for his contributions to the digitisation and copyright development of the music industry in mainland China.

Originally from Taiwan, he was part of the founding team with UFO Records and has held senior positions in international companies such as EMI and MTV. 

Chee Meng Tan

Founder and CEO

Chee Meng has over 25 years of experience in senior roles across media, technology as well as both independent and major labels. Possessing unique insights and deep understanding of the music industry from all perspectives, Chee Meng brings expert knowledge of Asian cultural nuances and business practices. Chee Meng also led Spotify’s launch of the global streaming service in all the markets in Asia. 

With a proven track record in shaping the digital music landscape in Asia and driving explosive industry growth across the region in recent years, Chee Meng is the first and only Singaporean in history to appear twice on Billboard Magazine’s International Power Players List.

A sought-after industry thought leader, Chee Meng has spoken widely at events such as MIDEM (Cannes), Music Matters (Singapore), Golden Melody Awards Conference (Taiwan), Mu:Con (Korea). Today, he also advises several music and tech start-ups, both in Asia and internationally.